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The Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission operates the Map, Data & GIS Center for local governments, businesses, and public and private organizations.

The Commission office is located in Front Royal at 400-E Kendrick Lane. The office is open between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Items in the Center are available for study and use by citizens and business people. Copies can be made at cost on the Commission's copy machine.

Simple questions can often be answered over the phone. In order to make research easier, a series of data sheets have been developed by the staff which answer common questions about population, housing, income, the economy, labor force, agriculture and unemployment.
Much data is already assembled from plans and reports which can meet the data needs of individual projects. There are marketing books for each County which have much valuable data already organized.

The Commission utilizes ArcGIS 9 for Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping which handles AutoCAD drawings, Census TIGER/Line files, Arc/Info coverages, and various image data. Detailed data which is not easily available can be assembled by the Commission staff at cost. Examples of economic and demographic data include:

* Census statistics for years 1970, 1980, 1990 & 2000
* Highway and traffic data
* Housing: Building and Occupancy Permits
* Distribution Household projections
* Income: Per Capita, Median Family, Adjusted Gross Labor Force: Employment, wages, industry, etc.
* Local Government Revenues and Expenditures
* Population: Estimates, Projections and Characteristics
* Public school comparative data
* Retail sales data Taxes: Rates, assessment ratios, etc.
* Vital Statistics: Births, deaths, etc.

Thanks to the Internet, much Virginia Statistical Data is at the VASTAT section of the Weldon Cooper Center For Public Service website at the University of Virginia.
Vital Statistics are at the Virginia Department of Health Center for Health Statistics.

Labor Market Information is maintained by the Virginia Employment Commission.

Examples of maps include:

* Tri-State Regional Location Map
* Census Tract Maps County, City, and Town base maps
* County base maps available in plotter sizes C, D, E 
* Digital County, City, Town base maps

We also have Aerial, Topographic, Land Use and Zoning Maps for most of the jurisdictions within the Planning District. These maps are available for study within the Commission office. 

Please CLICK HERE to download the map request form.  The form can be emailed to Wendi Stine.

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