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What's New & Current in Community Development?


Under the broad category of Community Development the NSVRC works to support a diverse array of activities which can range from combating homelessness, to revitalizing neighborhoods, to creating or sustaining affordable housing, to developing community infrastructure. The NSVRC promotes a regional coalition building approach in its housing and human services programs throughout the Northern Shenandoah Valley. The integration of several separate, issue specific boards into a single regional Housing and Community Services Policy Board is one example of this approach. The integrated approach is not only proving more efficient for administrators, but also more effective in meeting the needs of individual citizens and communities in the region by facilitating a sharing of information and resources that benefits all constituents.

Here are some of the areas in which NSVRC is active in Community Development:

Consolidated Community Development Planning
Northern Shenandoah Valley governments, community organizations and service providers work together to identify and address regional community development issues in a consolidated planning process facilitated by the NSVRC. Many of our region's Community Development projects receive funding from state and federal grant programs, and the NSVRC plays an important role in obtaining and administering this grant funding. In FY 2010 over $4 million of this funding was secured for NSVRC member jurisdictions. The consolidated planning process is key to this effort by satisfying HUD's (Department of Housing and Urban Development) requirement for a regional approach to the planning, application, reporting and citizen participation processes for its formula grant programs.

Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report 2010 Program Year

5-Year Consolidated Plan for 2008-2012 (.pdf)

2008 Annual Action Plan; 2009 Annual Action Plan; 2010 Annual Action Plan

Draft Summary- Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report- 2009 Program Year

Numerous housing related grants targeting Homelessness, Foreclosures and Affordable Housing are administered by the NSVRC. The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program assists homeless or near homeless citizens to retain permanent housing. The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is designed to mitigate the impacts of foreclosures and provide low to middle income buyers with opportunities to purchase homes. In working to create and sustain Affordable Housing for low income persons, NSVRC emphasizes long-term, permanent housing solutions. Special outreach events throughout the year, like the October '09 Regional Housing Forum or the annual fair housing seminars, are designed to engage a diverse community of constituents in addressing the region's housing issues.

Building Community Infrastructure
The NSVRC assists localities with identification of funding, management and implementation of infrastructure projects. Community Infrastructure examples include such diverse projects as sewer and water services, broadband internet access, sidewalk replacement and community facilities.

Community Services
The NSVRC assists the region's localities in the development of community enhancing programs, and works to facilitate grant funding for programs identified as regional priorities.

Disability Services
The NSVRC works to integrate awareness and accessibility into the region's programs for Housing and Community Services. The regional commission also serves as a resource to communities on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.