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Here are just a few of the ways the NSVRC serves the Northern Shenandoah Valley region:

Planning of All Sorts...
Local and Regional Land Use Planning--Brings jurisdictions together to coordinate land use and transportation planning initiatives.

Hazard Mitigation Planning
--NSVRC helps the region meet state and federal requirements, and maintain eligibility for emergency disaster relief.

Water Resources Planning--
Helps the region and its jurisdictions meet state and federal mandates, and plan for the future.

Solid Waste Planning--
A regional approach meets state requirements and facilitates efficiencies and cooperation in solving waste management issues.

Air Quality Planning--
NSVRCs work in this area meets federal and state planning requirements and helps jurisdictions address air quality issues.

Transportation Planning--Regional transportation planning and administrative support is provided by the regional commission through the Winchester-Frederick Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Rural Transportation Planning Program. State and Federal requirements for Travel Demand Management are met through the efforts of the RideSmart commuter assistance program, also administered by the NSVRC.

Data Analysis and Mapping Services
Commission staff provide data compilation and analysis services including Geographic Information System mapping and analysis, and publication of the regional Community Profile Report and the annual Housing Data Report. Other information services are available on demand to residents, business interests, governments and non-profit organizations.

Regional Collaboration on Issues
The Commission serves as a regional forum for identifying regional and local legislative priorities and communicating these issues to state and federal legislators.

Assistance to Local Governments

NSVRC provides a variety of services to local governments. For example:

Grant Writing and Administration--Commission staff members assist jurisdictions in identifying funding sources for local projects, and applying for and administering grants obtained through state and federal sources.

Policy Analysis--NSVRC helps jurisdictions create better policy by providing important analytic services such as tax rate and revenue structure analysis, fiscal impact studies, housing reports and more.